Summer reading recommendationsAs many professionals use the next few weeks to take a well-earned break, some will also use the opportunity to think objectively about what lies ahead for business in the coming months.

Clearly the economic and political turbulence of recent weeks means that uncertainty will remain the norm, rather than the exception for some time.

We asked the Results team, in view of recent events, what summer reading they now…

Plan stackWith the holiday season beckoning and the second half of 2016 commencing, many professionals will be taking stock of their BD performance and planning for the months ahead.  The summer holiday traditionally being a popular time for recharging, taking stock and planning.


To help you keep your 2016 BD plans firmly on track, here are 10 simple but highly effective activities to try in the months ahead:


1. Pay attention to…

binocularsIt’s a well-known fact that is far easier to win work from an existing client, than a prospective one.  The challenge for many professionals though is how to spot opportunities in their client relationships, which in turn signpost new work.

A major part of the solution lies in how close you are to your client.  The closer you are and the greater insight you have of that client’s current and future…

500671 9 Must do’s for effective WBD Issue 1_Page_1_Image_0001With the summer now truly upon us, social calendars are filling up to make the most of the long days and better weather. At this time of year, we’re often asked by professionals how to convert the social conversations they have into business ones. Here are 5 tips we have put together to help:



  1. Consider what’s in it for your friend – Before…

WBD montage

We know how time consuming and costly it can be for Business Development and Learning & Development teams to support their professionals with practical business development and client management advice.

In response The Results Consultancy team has produced over 40 Winning Business Digests. Each is based on research into current best practice BD approaches in the professional services and shares advice and tips from recognised specialists.

The series covers issues relating…

LMS Module example

We are delighted to announce the launch of a series of SCORM-compliant business development e-learning modules, which can be dropped straight into a firm’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The modules deliver practical advice and guidance in the four key aspects of business development:


  • Networking
  • o

  • Winning New Business
  • o

  • Pitching for Work
  • o

  • Developing Profitable Relationships.

For more detailed information on how the LMS Modules work and what they cover, download this overview; alternatively you can…

WBD Resilience cmprsdBD resilience is often a key factor behind one professional’s success compared to another.  That more robust approach, which the professional has cultivated enables them to gain a steady flow of quality new work opportunities.

To them, their BD activities are intrinsic to everything else they do – not an add-on.  Over time this mind-set has led them form good BD habits and take greater confidence and courage in…

WBD 40 Leading pitchesWith the continued pressure on leaders in professional firms to win work, it’s important to have the right approach to leading pitches.

Great pitch leaders inspire, inject energy and build the right team to give their firm every chance of success.

Our latest Winning Business Digest is co-authored by Francesca Ayers and John Timperley. They share 8 tips to help you lead pitches more effectively.

The tips aren’t…

Francesa135x135We are delighted to announce that Francesca Ayers has joined The Results Consultancy Team as an Associate Director. Francesca is a pitching and business development specialist. She helps clients perform more effectively and successfully in competitive pitch situations.

Francesca has over 10 years’ experience of advising Partners and Senior Leaders to help them win more work. She achieves results through tailored strategic advice; pitch process expertise; leadership coaching; insights from experience…

WBD40 BD ResilienceBD resilience is often a key factor behind one professional’s success compared with another.  The more robust approach of the successful professional enables them to gain a steady flow of quality new work opportunities.  To them, their BD activities are intrinsic to everything they do – not an add-on.

But how do professionals get to that position?  In our latest Winning Business Digest we have looked closely at the…