Content overview graphicOur latest e-newsletter shares 5 ways to win work through business writing.

Professional services firms have always recognised the value of writing and sharing content as part of their marketing and client development strategy. Indeed, significant time is invested in creating brochures, articles, guides, white papers, blogs and social media updates.

The explosion of digital media has made it easier than ever before to publish and share content. But, conversely, it is harder to get that content seen by clients. With justification they cry ‘information overload’! So how do you write content which generates the engagement, interest and enquiries you want?

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Business writing workshop
Our half day Business Writing workshop also explains how to write ‘stand out’ content that gets read, and builds engagement in different channels. It is designed to help fee-earners, marketers or other professionals charged with writing content for their firms. Download an overview of the workshop or contact us for more information.