Making Training Stick White Paper coverThe Results Consultancy are delighted to announce the launch of a new white paper – Making Training Stick.


It arose from a recent event where the Results team brought together a group of senior Learning & Development professionals to debate the challenges firms face when trying to improve the return on investment from training and learning initiatives.


The discussion covered issues such as how can you ensure learning…

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We know how time consuming and costly it can be for Business Development and Learning & Development teams to support their professionals with practical business development and client management advice.

In response The Results Consultancy team has produced over 40 Winning Business Digests. Each is based on research into current best practice BD approaches in the professional services and shares advice and tips from recognised specialists.

The series covers issues relating…

LMS Module example

We are delighted to announce the launch of a series of SCORM-compliant business development e-learning modules, which can be dropped straight into a firm’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The modules deliver practical advice and guidance in the four key aspects of business development:


  • Networking
  • o

  • Winning New Business
  • o

  • Pitching for Work
  • o

  • Developing Profitable Relationships.

For more detailed information on how the LMS Modules work and what they cover, download this overview; alternatively you can…

WBD Resilience cmprsdBD resilience is often a key factor behind one professional’s success compared to another.  That more robust approach, which the professional has cultivated enables them to gain a steady flow of quality new work opportunities.

To them, their BD activities are intrinsic to everything else they do – not an add-on.  Over time this mind-set has led them form good BD habits and take greater confidence and courage in…

WBD40 BD ResilienceBD resilience is often a key factor behind one professional’s success compared with another.  The more robust approach of the successful professional enables them to gain a steady flow of quality new work opportunities.  To them, their BD activities are intrinsic to everything they do – not an add-on.

But how do professionals get to that position?  In our latest Winning Business Digest we have looked closely at the…

Beyond The Trusted AdviserWe are delighted to announce the publication of a new piece of research by The Results Consultancy.

Beyond The Trusted Adviser – the five faces of the new model professional looks at the new attributes of a Trusted Adviser now expected by clients.

The findings are based on research with a large number of professional services firms’ clients, as well as recognised Partner exponents of the ‘five faces’ within…

500671 Creating time for business development WBD Issue 4_Page_1_Image_0001

It is good to see more business confidence in the professionals we meet.

Many are very busy with work opportunities but mindful that it is also important to maintain a regular commitment to business development.

They know all too well that such a commitment will maintain that steady flow of opportunities coming their way.

But how do you fit BD into busy days already heavily…

WBD31 7 ways to spot new business opportunitiesOur latest Winning Business Digest examines the challenge of spotting opportunities to further support a client or target client – and then gaining the decision-maker’s commitment to work with them.

This is a key skill of a client-focused professional and requires care to avoid coming across as ‘pushy’ or ‘needy’ in asking for the business.

When exploring a new business opportunity with a client there…

Webinars from The Results ConsultancyOver the last month we’ve seen a rise in enquiries for our webinar programmes – particularly from international firms.


Webinars are a cost-efficient and highly effective means of sharing BD insight and best practice with multi-territory teams. They have enabled many of our client firms to successfully implement specific BD initiatives simultaneously across multiple offices.


Our webinar programmes blend practical tips and advice-sharing with interactive opportunities for the delegates…

Content overview graphicOur latest e-newsletter shares 5 ways to win work through business writing.

Professional services firms have always recognised the value of writing and sharing content as part of their marketing and client development strategy. Indeed, significant time is invested in creating brochures, articles, guides, white papers, blogs and social media updates.

The explosion of digital media has made it easier than ever before to publish and share content. But, conversely,…