Designed by The Results Consultancy, the Business Development Academy is both a structured learning system and a ‘just in time’ business development resource for professional services firms.

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Short, practical learning modules

It’s an e-learning resource that helps people in the professional services win high value work. At its core are more than 60  short 15-30 minute online learning modules focused on the four critical areas for business development success.

Aiding the learning process

Your professionals can use it either as ‘just in time’ support or as a more formal learning resource which can be linked into their Performance Review and the firm’s personal development process.


The Business Development Academy can be tailored to look like your own branded or intranet site if you like, but for ease of use it simply sits on our server. Alternatively you can subscribe to the resources as a firm by buying licences to use the Business Development Academy.

The Academy delivers:

  • Over 60 short e-learning modules, 40 videos and 30 podcasts focused on common business development situations and challenges
  • Tried and tested practical advice from recognised specialists
  • ‘Just in time’ training and knowledge support available 24/7 when accessed online
  • Downloadable tools, worksheets, podcasts and templates to speed up the thinking process and ensure ‘best practice’ actions applied
  • The modules fit with a professional’s CPD learning objectives and plan and are focused on core business development competencies

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