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  • Add…


We would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a comfortable and prosperous 2023.

As part of our aim to lessen our impact on the planet, we won’t be sending Christmas cards this time.

Instead, we are donating the money we would have spent on cards, envelopes and postage to support the great work of Manchester City of Trees.

It is a charity committed to tackling climate change by planting…

2 things to know about your client blog postThe summer holiday season often gives professionals some quieter time to review how their client relationships are developing.

During busy times much attention is diverted to tasks and projects at hand.  Whilst it’s important to deliver as promised, if a professional doesn’t adopt a wider outlook they may miss valuable insight or potential opportunities for client work in the long term.

To build trust with a…

With a New Year upon us, it’s a good time to decide on the outcomes you want to achieve in the months ahead.

Having clarity of purpose and ambition is an essential starting point, and will form the basis of any personal plan you establish.

In supporting many professionals over the years to achieve their business development goals, we are all too aware of the pitfalls that can derail the most solid of…

The end of the calendar year and run up to the festive holiday often marks a frenetic time for professionals.  Along with meeting work deadlines before the holiday, it’s a popular time to meet up with valued contacts and clients to thank them for their business and support.  On top of this, there is usually an increase in a number of festive gatherings and networking events to attend.

Despite all this ‘busyness’,…

Turning ideas into revenue

With just three months left of 2017, many professionals have an eye on their annual plans and targets. For some there may be a need to create new work opportunities and generate additional revenues in what’s left of the year.


Such opportunities may come simply from spotting additional ways to add value to clients, or they may rely on converting business from potential clients.  They may even flow from…

BD planning tips

For many of us the summer holiday period provides a valuable opportunity to take ‘time out’, step back and review areas such as BD performance.

Business development summer planning

This is indeed time well spent as it helps professionals take stock of the BD activities they’ve undertaken and the results they have achieved. It can prevent continuing on paths which bring only limited new work opportunities, or…

Business Development Quick WinsWhy is it that some professionals are more successful than others when it comes to developing relationships with contacts and potential clients?


These are the individuals who differentiate themselves well amongst a crowd of similar advisers and develop a reputation for being the ‘Go-To’ professional amongst their network.


When you look closely they have the same amount of time as their less effective peers, so how do they achieve such…

Business Development Coaching White PaperThe Results Consultancy team is delighted to announce our publication of a new white paper. It examines the effectiveness of business development coaching programmes and what are the secrets of success.

Achieving powerful results from BD coaching programmes draws on our research and many years’ experience coaching professionals in how to win and retain high value work.


Market uncertainty fuelling coaching’s popularity

It was prompted by the team experiencing increased interest from…

WBD41 10 Common Concerns cover

Most professionals encounter some form of resistance from potential clients in their business development. Handled well these reservations can be overcome and in fact lead the professional to build further rapport with the client and win work.

To overcome resistance and win work, professionals need to select the appropriate strategy for the specific concern.

In our latest Winning Business Digest we have shared 10 common concerns prospective clients…