Current economic challenges are prompting more clients to shop around.  At the same time, a tough labour market is making it harder for firms to recruit the talent they need to deliver quality work profitably.  This combination is prompting some firms to seriously question the new work they take on.

Faced with a rise in potential new work enquiries, it is important to pursue those which will benefit and not be a…

On 16 April we ran a webinar on how to make a positive impact when presenting virtually.  You can access the slides and a recording of the event on this page.


Now that many professionals have got used to the tech aspects of running webinars and virtual client and team meetings, attention has now rightly turned towards the QUALITY of the presentation.

This is not just in terms of the graphics used when ‘sharing…

Webinars from The Results ConsultancyOver the last month we’ve seen a rise in enquiries for our webinar programmes – particularly from international firms.


Webinars are a cost-efficient and highly effective means of sharing BD insight and best practice with multi-territory teams. They have enabled many of our client firms to successfully implement specific BD initiatives simultaneously across multiple offices.


Our webinar programmes blend practical tips and advice-sharing with interactive opportunities for the delegates…


We’ve experienced increasing interest in our webinar workshops recently.

These enable firms to deliver BD skills training to their professionals across multiple locations – helping them to embed best practice and a consistent approach.

Webinars also assist those firms in minimising the travel and other related training costs.

In response to the interest we’ve received, we’ve put together this overview of the webinar topics we cover and you can also find out…