Our Winning Business Digests are shared widely amongst professional services firms internationally, whose professionals value the concise and immediately applicable guidance they give. They take a common business development and client relationship management topic and provide practical tips and ideas.

Bite-sized tips for your busy professionals

The Digests are available to purchase to add to firms’ intranets, learning management systems and e-learning portals. Available in pdf format for desk-based and on-the-go viewing, the digests come in handy in a variety of ways, for example by being:

  • Added to professional firms’ learning management systems or knowledge portals
  • Shared in skills development e-mail campaigns
  • Built into team discussions and meetings
  • Incorporated into training resources as pre, during or post-course/coaching reading
  • Made available on a just-in-time basis for quick reference when on the go.

Each digest comprises just 4 pages and delivers practical advice and tips in a highly visual and quick-to-read format. They can be purchased in different bundle packages for different budgets.

Download this overview or  contact us for more information.

Our Digest Topics:

Business Development

  • 6 essentials for creating and implementing a personal BD plan
  • 6 must-dos to maximise results from your BD coaching programme
  • 7 foundations for personal business development success
  • 7 ways to a really effective board
  • 8 ways to make social media support your business development
  • 10 common potential client concerns and how to avoid them
  • 11 top business development mistakes
  • Creating time for business development in an already busy schedule
  • Keeping in touch in the hybrid business world

Client Management

  • 5 things you should know about your client
  • 5 ways to build competitive advantage through client feedback
  • 7 strategies for managing and developing client relationships
  • 7 ways to embed key client management
  • 7 ways to make the most of a secondment opportunity
  • 7 ways to motivate colleagues to introduce you to their clients
  • 7 ways to spot new business opportunities with your client
  • 8 ways to stay in touch in between deals and assignments
  • 8 ways to successfully cross-sell a colleague’s expertise
  • 8 ways to turn ideas into revenue
  • 9 strategies for managing the long-distance relationship
  • 10 strategies to safeguard your client relationships

Commerciality and Self-Awareness

  • 5 ways to play to your strengths
  • 6 ways to boost personal impact and influence
  • 6 ways to build your market profile and professional reputation
  • 8 steps to becoming a more ‘commercial’ adviser
  • 8 ways to become the Go-To professional

Financial Management

  • 5 strategies to develop financially informed professionals
  • 7 strategies to maximise job profitability
  • 8 strategies for effective fee negotiation


  • 7 ways to get the most from LinkedIn
  • 7 ways to turn a social relationship into a business one
  • 8 essentials for working the room effectively at networking events
  • 9 must do’s for effective contact relationship building


  • 6 ways for presenting an effective pitch
  • 6 work-winning strategies for procurement-led pitches
  • 7 essentials in mastering pitch scoping calls and meetings
  • 7 secrets of a powerful online presentation
  • 7 ways to make a positive impact when presenting virtually
  • 8 essentials for writing work-winning pitch documents
  • 8 pitching approaches that win work
  • 8 tips for leading pitches

Team Management

  • 6 keys to effective delegation and team motivation
  • 7 ways to become a more effective internal adviser
  • 7 ways to succeed at difficult colleague conversations
  • 8 steps to creating a high performing team
  • 8 ways to lead from the front
  • 9 ways to engage Associates in managing client relationships