The issuing of invitations to tender shows no signs of abating, as clients continue to review the value they gain from their advisers.


Procurement-led pitches

With many of those clients involving procurement specialists in their decision-making team, the traditional pitch process is definitely evolving.


Some firms bemoan procurement’s involvement in a pitch (or shy away from it altogether). They struggle getting to grips with the sometimes long and highly detailed requests for information (RFIs)…

stopwatchWhen it comes to business development planning for the year ahead, much advice tends to focus on activities professionals can do ‘away’ from the office. Sometimes, however, hectic work schedules can only accommodate small pockets of BD activity.


Getting the most from your BD time in 2017

Given the limited time available these have to be undertaken at the professional’s desk.

In fact, in terms of the results generated, it’s often better to pursue a…

wbd-social-media-2016-updateSocial media can be a great help to professionals in keeping in touch with their network and raising their professional profile.  We are often asked, however, how best to harness social media’s benefits in an individual’s business development approach.


Some professionals feel they have a limited knowledge of social media’s potential and, as a result, don’t utilise its full capabilities.  Others struggle to devote time to social media and worry they are…

wbd46-cover-foundations-bd-successSuccessful business development, like sport, involves discipline and focus.  In an increasingly competitive and changing environment, it also requires adaptability.


In our latest Digest, 7 foundations for personal business development success,  Andrew Warren gives a helpful and timely refresher of the basics for effective BD.


Mastery of these foundations enable a professional to distinguish themselves in the market, build a strong network and successfully convert new work opportunities.


As many professionals look…

BD Tip of the Day

The Results Consultancy team is delighted to announce the launch of our new BD Tip of The Day app.


As you might expect from the title, the app delivers a Business Development tip each day. It’s been specifically designed to help busy professionals maintain momentum and take appropriate action in their BD activities.


What to expect from the BD Tip of The Day app

The app’s daily tips are designed…

Most professionals have to hold difficult conversations with colleagues at some point in their career.

The ability to have effective, future-focused and mutually respectful conversations can in fact be a deciding factor in the longer-term success of a firm – and an individual.

This is particularly so given that such success in today’s firms depends on effective collaboration between increasingly interdependent functions and roles.

To turn difficult colleague conversations into a beneficial experience for…

Business Development Coaching White PaperThe Results Consultancy team is delighted to announce our publication of a new white paper. It examines the effectiveness of business development coaching programmes and what are the secrets of success.

Achieving powerful results from BD coaching programmes draws on our research and many years’ experience coaching professionals in how to win and retain high value work.


Market uncertainty fuelling coaching’s popularity

It was prompted by the team experiencing increased interest from…

Business operations teams in professional firms are well-placed to become internal trusted advisers. Their specialist knowledge and involvement across the firm’s teams means they can steer colleagues to take the best courses of action.

At the same time, they can avoid parts of the firm reinventing the wheel, duplicating effort or missing out on economies of scale.


Lacking ‘influence

When talking to business operations professionals, some say they lack the necessary ‘influence’. They also…


WBD 42 Embedding KCMKey Client Management (KCM) is an approach that identifies, protects and grows your most important clients – taking account also of key prospects and intermediaries.

It focuses on nurturing, protecting and growing your most important clients – so both you and they benefit as a result.  This means investing in the right activities, which place these key clients at the centre and ensure your firm becomes important to…

WBD41 10 Common Concerns cover

Most professionals encounter some form of resistance from potential clients in their business development. Handled well these reservations can be overcome and in fact lead the professional to build further rapport with the client and win work.

To overcome resistance and win work, professionals need to select the appropriate strategy for the specific concern.

In our latest Winning Business Digest we have shared 10 common concerns prospective clients…