Many professional services firms, particularly law, accounting, consulting and real estate practices, are looking to build more experiential elements into their professional training.

In response, we have developed an impressive panel of ‘nearly clients’.

Transforming professionals’ learning experiences

Our ‘nearly clients’ are experienced professionals who have held senior roles on the client or private practice side. As they have ‘been there and done that’, they can provide an opportunity for partners and senior associates/managers to enhance their skills in a safe and realistic training environment.

Drawing on their own experiences, our ‘nearly clients’ don’t just deliver advice in a vacuum or from what they’ve read in a book. Instead, they bring relevance to your team’s approach by sharing how strategies have played out in real-world scenarios they’ve been involved in.

How our ‘nearly client’ professionals help

Our nearly client professionals support firms in a variety of ways. For example by:

  • Adopting the role of the client in ‘role play/real play’ simulations of business interactions. This enables your professionals to practise and perfect their approach in a safe environment.
  • Being a guest speaker to inject energy at training sessions and conferences, sharing the ‘voice of the client’ or senior perspectives on the topic being discussed. This can take a variety of formats – from formal presentation to ‘fireside chat’ and Q&A.
  • Undertaking coaching and mentoring assignments to help senior professionals and teams with particular needs. These sessions can foster a collaborative atmosphere allowing new ideas and approaches to emerge, or provide a much-needed sounding board and prompter of action.

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