Here are several case studies that show some of the highly successful learning and development programmes we develop for our clients.

Gaining Contacts’ Commitment

Winner of the Legal Education Training Group (LETG) Trainer of the Year Award 2012 – and generator of 28% more revenues.

This programme was co-developed with the senior management team at an international law firm. Using a mix of short workshops for partners, coupled with one to one coaching it succeeded in generating an average of 28% more revenues per participant compared with the previous year. This tangible revenue generation impact so impressed the firm that they decided to put the vast majority of their partners through it – with similar results.

The Online Business Development Academy

A ‘just in time’ and e-learning resource that paid for itself 20 times over – in 3 months.

Our Online Business Development Academy of 60 e-learning modules, checklists, tools, videos and podcasts was adopted by an international law firm. They decided to launch the resource with one of our 24 internal campaigns – this one focused on renewing contact with a client or fellow professional they have lost touch with. All subscribers were encouraged to follow the ‘professional ways to get back in touch’ advice and to take some positive action to renew the connection. The Result? As well as renewed friendships and client knowledge, four professionals (not all partners) had conversations that led to work valued at more than £250,000.

The Path to Partnership

Helping more than 200 professionals to achieve their partnership and equity ambitions.

Our coaches have, collectively, helped more than 200 professionals to pass their firm’s partnership panel or move from fixed share to equity. More than that though, we have also supported many lateral hires to help them to quickly fit into their new firm and start to generate the revenues promised. We’ve also helped a number of international firms to strengthen their partner selection processes so that they are more robust and transparent, and ensure that the right individuals are successful – and that those who are not are nurtured and further developed so that their talent and contribution is recognised.

The Business Development Programme

Finalist in the HR Excellence and Training Journal Awards 2013 – and a potential revenue stream of £2m for our client in the global real estate sector.

The Business Development Programme is a four workshop development programme over 6 months focusing on developing networking, business development, pitching and client management skills. It culminates in a team ‘pitch’ of a revenue generating proposal to the Board that they have worked on throughout the programme. Several ideas have been implemented in the firms that have run the programme, the best of which has created a revenue stream estimated to be worth £2m over a two year period.

Pitching to Win

Re-engineering the pitch process to win more ‘high value’ work produced a 16% increase in pitches won.

A consultancy assignment for one of our international professional services clients not only helped them to tighten up an already sophisticated pitch process, but also helped add several £million to the top line through a 16% improvement in their win rate. How did we do it? By working with them to critically assess each area of the pitch process – from making the ‘should we go for it’ decision through to document production and pitch presentation – and identifying small but significant ways to gain a winning edge. The results speak for themselves, and this higher success rate continues to be achieved.