Our training, coaching, e-learning, conference speaking and hands-on support focuses on the many business development challenges and opportunities that professional services firms face. Over the years we have developed tools, techniques, videos, podcasts as well as coaching programmes and training workshops that support professionals in a multitude of different business development situations and dilemmas.

Here is a range of them although, as the business environment continually changes, we frequently add to the list.

Adding more value to your clients

Adding value to your contacts

Asking the right questions in business development meetings

Assessing a pitch opportunity – should you go for it

Becoming the Go-To professional

Building a sector specialisation

Building influence and impressing people

Building relationships before you pitch

Building target lists and engaging with target clients

Building your internal network

Building your practice

Capturing and using contact details effectively

Client relationship management planning

Conducting a post pitch review with the client

Conducting a post project review with the client

Conducting a scoping meeting

Conducting a scoping telephone call

Creating a practical client plan

Creating an approach that clients want

Creating engaging case studies

Creating your elevator pitch

Creating your value proposition

Cross-selling approaches that work

Dealing with objections in business development conversations

Delivering the final message in a pitch presentation

Demonstrating your commerciality

Developing a CRM programme

Developing client relationships

Developing great rapport

Encouraging business opportunities from intermediaries and work referrers

Engaging at Board Level

Engaging profitably with intermediaries and work referrers

Engaging your contact through voicemail

Five things you should know about your client

Following up a contact without feeling like a pest or a stalker

Following up from a networking event

Gaining a client’s commitment

Get more from the articles you write

Getting colleagues and contacts to provide referrals

How to avoid being pigeon holed by the client

How to become a better rainmaker

How to make your contacts look good in their organisation

How to win work in competitive situations

Identifying what your target client is thinking

Keeping in touch in between deals and assignments

Key client management ‘best practice’

Leading the team to focus on BD

Maintaining contact in between deals and pieces of work

Making impact with a lateral hire

Making the follow up call

Making the Go: No Go Decision

Making the most of LinkedIn

Making the most of professional groups and associations

Making the proactive call

Making the right impression in a business development meeting

Managing difficult or complex client relationships

Managing meetings with existing clients

Managing the business development discussion

Managing the informal business development discussion

Managing the long distance relationship

Managing your day to day contact relationships

Mapping your network

Networking at an event

Networking tips

New client planning

Overcoming Fee Resistance

Overcoming voicemail

Personal BD planning

Phoning to arrange a meeting

Pitch presentation essentials

Pitching for work

Planning the week ahead – quick wins in BD

Post pitch decision review

Pricing the work effectively

Proposal writing essentials

Putting together a practical business development campaign

Questions to ask potential work referrers

Questions to get closer to clients and contacts

Raising your personal and professional profile

Renewing contact with old contacts

Safeguarding your client relationships

Sharpening your listening

Simple ways to improve your BD performance and success

Starting in a new geography or sector

Strategies to position you and others for work

The DNA of a good meeting

Thought leadership strategies

Tips for getting into the boardroom

Tips for making business development easier

Turning a social relationship into a business one

Using ‘touch points’ effectively to build relationships

Using questions to really engage your contact

Warming up an old contact

What you should know about your client

Where to find out client information

Working effectively with partners on business development

Working the room hints and tips

Writing emails that people want to read

Writing winning pitch proposals

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