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Effective and impactful BD, Marketing and Communications teams are essential if firms are to make the most of current market opportunities.

Key to this is for those teams to work skilfully, proactively and positively with the firm’s partners, fee earners and other significant stakeholders.

Developing the necessary skills of colleagues, building morale and increasing team collaboration has however been made more difficult by the hybrid working environment.

In response…

Current economic challenges are prompting more clients to shop around.  At the same time, a tough labour market is making it harder for firms to recruit the talent they need to deliver quality work profitably.  This combination is prompting some firms to seriously question the new work they take on.

Faced with a rise in potential new work enquiries, it is important to pursue those which will benefit and not be a…

With the cost of bidding for work increasing and procurement teams making bid processes more complex, what could you do differently (or better) in 2023 to increase your win rate?

In our work advising on live pitches, we see teams continue to lose opportunities they could have won because they failed to implement five simple and effective techniques.

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Boardroom table for partner discussionsIf your firm is arranging an offsite/retreat/away day/town hall (call it what you will) partner gathering in 2023, what should feature on the agenda?

Whatever the event’s format, you’ll no doubt want partners to feel the time they’ve invested is worthwhile. They also need to come away feeling energised and motivated to support the points covered.

These are meetings that matter, and it goes without saying that it is…


We would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a comfortable and prosperous 2023.

As part of our aim to lessen our impact on the planet, we won’t be sending Christmas cards this time.

Instead, we are donating the money we would have spent on cards, envelopes and postage to support the great work of Manchester City of Trees.

It is a charity committed to tackling climate change by planting…

To forge a strong network and attract new work opportunities, professionals need to have a profile and reputation which is well-known and respected in their chosen markets.

Professionals who do stand out from the crowd appeal to both clients and referrers alike. Such visibility and preference isn’t usually achieved by chance; it is more likely the result of a carefully executed strategy – often implemented over several years.

That strategy is ever-evolving to reflect…

With the easing of lock-down restrictions and more professionals returning to the office, many are looking to resume face-to-face contact with clients and contacts.

The business landscape, however, is very different to what it was before the pandemic. While some businesses continue to work remotely; others are adopting a hybrid approach which blends remote and on-site working.

Most professionals recognise that strong business relationships are built on in-person interactions and are keen to…

As a result of recent years’ events, virtual communications platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams have helped many organisations to reshape their working practices.

There has also been a recognition of the benefits that being ‘on-site’ with colleagues can have on an individual’s wellbeing and effectiveness.

Subsequently, and as many countries ease their restrictions in response to the pandemic, organisations are now planning for and adopting a hybrid approach. This is one…

A professional’s network can be a major source of work opportunities and referrals – and it makes great commercial sense to aim to attract work from those who know and respect you. The opportunities they bring are often easier and less time intensive to convert and are often less fee-sensitive too. What’s not to like about all that?

In reality, though, many professionals are disappointed by the volume and quality of referrals…