BD planning tips

For many of us the summer holiday period provides a valuable opportunity to take ‘time out’, step back and review areas such as BD performance.

Business development summer planning

This is indeed time well spent as it helps professionals take stock of the BD activities they’ve undertaken and the results they have achieved. It can prevent continuing on paths which bring only limited new work opportunities, or which prove to be increasingly frustrating and time-intensive.

Practical business development tips

In this guide, John Timperley has collated some ‘best practice’ tips to help you to think about your BD approach for the months ahead. In doing so he’s signposted areas which often lead to a stronger return from a small but regular BD investment.

We hope you find the ideas and insights valuable ‘food for thought’ and do contact us if you need more hands-on support and guidance with your BD plans.


Download the guide:  Planning your BD – 10 tips for work-winning results