Ideas to keep in touch with clientsMany professionals we work with recognise the need to keep in touch with clients and contacts, even when they are not currently working with them.  The challenge for some is how to do this in a way that comes across as positive and not ‘salesy’. In some cases it puts professionals off reaching out to their contact altogether.


The risk of not keeping in touch

But by failing…

binocularsIt’s a well-known fact that is far easier to win work from an existing client, than a prospective one.  The challenge for many professionals though is how to spot opportunities in their client relationships, which in turn signpost new work.

A major part of the solution lies in how close you are to your client.  The closer you are and the greater insight you have of that client’s current and future…

2015 goals imageReturning to work after the festive holidays, many professionals use the opportunity to look at the year ahead and establish plans to secure specific business goals and targets they want to achieve.

How focused and practical these plans are often has a bearing on whether they will be successful or not. In helping professionals over the years devise and implement plans which bring the results they want, we’ve come…

news-3The Results Consultancy has just launched a new series of workshops focused on the latest client relationship management approaches in the professional services sector. Each highlights strategies that are working to generate additional client revenues and protect client relationships.

The Vital Topics series covers:


  • How to bring real innovation to your client relationship management and stand out in an increasingly crowded market
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  • How to build competitive advantage through client relationship reviews
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  • How to create added…