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In addition to the partner and fee-earner training The Results Consultancy delivers, we are increasingly being asked to help professionals in support functions also.


Be it BD and Marketing, HR and Learning & Development, IT, Operations, Finance or In-house Legal teams, professionals in these areas have to secure buy-in from their ‘internal’ clients in order to perform effectively in their role and implement the tasks, projects and initiatives.



WBD30 cover imageOur latest Winning Business Digest tackles the challenge of motivating and delegating to team members effectively.

Few professionals dispute the benefits of effective delegation. Done well it frees up their time to focus on higher value tasks and enables them to be more proactive and less stressed. For their firms it also means there is a more efficient use of people’s expertise and talent.

Delegation can…

news-5Instilling commercial acumen and effective financial management right across their professionals is a major priority for firms in the current climate.


Balancing the need to win work (often at low margins and with certainty of cost for the client) with internal demands to maintain an acceptable level of profit on assignments is no easy task.


The key pressure points appear to be:


  • pricing the work in the first place and effective scoping,
  • o

  • to using the…