Most professionals have to hold difficult conversations with colleagues at some point in their career.

The ability to have effective, future-focused and mutually respectful conversations can in fact be a deciding factor in the longer-term success of a firm – and an individual.

This is particularly so given that such success in today’s firms depends on effective collaboration between increasingly interdependent functions and roles.

To turn difficult colleague conversations into a beneficial experience for…

Business operations teams in professional firms are well-placed to become internal trusted advisers. Their specialist knowledge and involvement across the firm’s teams means they can steer colleagues to take the best courses of action.

At the same time, they can avoid parts of the firm reinventing the wheel, duplicating effort or missing out on economies of scale.


Lacking ‘influence

When talking to business operations professionals, some say they lack the necessary ‘influence’. They also…

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Most professionals encounter some form of resistance from potential clients in their business development. Handled well these reservations can be overcome and in fact lead the professional to build further rapport with the client and win work.

To overcome resistance and win work, professionals need to select the appropriate strategy for the specific concern.

In our latest Winning Business Digest we have shared 10 common concerns prospective clients…

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In addition to the partner and fee-earner training The Results Consultancy delivers, we are increasingly being asked to help professionals in support functions also.


Be it BD and Marketing, HR and Learning & Development, IT, Operations, Finance or In-house Legal teams, professionals in these areas have to secure buy-in from their ‘internal’ clients in order to perform effectively in their role and implement the tasks, projects and initiatives.



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Impact and influence are often a major factor in why some professionals get things done, whilst others don’t. These two key ingredients ensure teams get where they want to go and achieve the progress they want to make.

Impact and influence are also core to the success of those people who are renowned for having a powerful effect on those around them and who become trusted and persuasive advisers over…

WBD30 cover imageOur latest Winning Business Digest tackles the challenge of motivating and delegating to team members effectively.

Few professionals dispute the benefits of effective delegation. Done well it frees up their time to focus on higher value tasks and enables them to be more proactive and less stressed. For their firms it also means there is a more efficient use of people’s expertise and talent.

Delegation can…