Here in the UK, we’ve had the luxury of not experiencing a recession now for over 15 years. This has meant that many professional services fee-earners have only become adept at winning work in a buoyant economy. In fact, for some of the newer members of the professions, they don’t know any other type of environment in which to win business.

This is why the current downturn has proved to be such a shock. For many people, it’s as if they’ve suddenly been transported to another world – such are the differences they see in the current business landscape. So, in response to our professional services clients and contacts (both in the UK and also overseas) who’ve asked us for our own contribution in these trying times, we’ve put together this collection of perspectives. Drawing on the variety of thoughts, talents and experience of The Results Consultancy team, they address different areas of winning business that benefit from a change of approach, mindset and focus in a recession.

The book’s authors are John Timperley, Simon Hegarty, Michelle Daniels, Steven Pearce, Andrew Warren, David McWhir and David Webb. Commenting on the book’s publication, John Timperley says…

“These are unprecedented times where even the most experienced partners in professional services firms have had to rethink their approaches. For some, succeeding in winning what work there is is not just a case of hitting revenue targets; it’s about the survival of a career or the firm itself. Old, tired techniques have lost their effectiveness – but what else could you – must you – do? The Associates of The Results Consultancy have gathered together practical work-winning thinking, insights and tips that successful practitioners are implementing in the current environment.”

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