With a New Year upon us, it’s a good time to decide on the outcomes you want to achieve in the months ahead.

Having clarity of purpose and ambition is an essential starting point, and will form the basis of any personal plan you establish.

In supporting many professionals over the years to achieve their business development goals, we are all too aware of the pitfalls that can derail the most solid of…

news-3The Results Consultancy has just launched a new series of workshops focused on the latest client relationship management approaches in the professional services sector. Each highlights strategies that are working to generate additional client revenues and protect client relationships.

The Vital Topics series covers:


  • How to bring real innovation to your client relationship management and stand out in an increasingly crowded market
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  • How to build competitive advantage through client relationship reviews
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  • How to create added…

news-4Job profitability is the goal of many professional firms and stems from good pricing, clear engagement terms, project control, frequent client communication and robust defence of the tendered bill. Fast cash collection is also important.

Any breakage in this chain can have a serious impact on profitability, on the morale of those who manage and undertake the work, and can impact on the client relationship.

But how do you manage your client work…

news-5Instilling commercial acumen and effective financial management right across their professionals is a major priority for firms in the current climate.


Balancing the need to win work (often at low margins and with certainty of cost for the client) with internal demands to maintain an acceptable level of profit on assignments is no easy task.


The key pressure points appear to be:


  • pricing the work in the first place and effective scoping,
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  • to using the…

blog2Despite the difficult economic climate, the last few years have seen a significant rise in the use of coaching in the professional services, as a tool to improve the performance of professionals. This demonstrates that, even when resources are scarce, firms are gaining real value from this area of learning support.

But what are the key ingredients of success in a BD coaching programme? We think there are 6 ‘must do’s’ that…

blog1Our Winning Business Digest this month looks at five highly valuable opportunities to gather client feedback. They enable firms to view their relationship from the client’s perspective and improve it – identifying areas where they can offer further help and support. Over time these strategies enable firms to deliver a more proactive and commercial approach, generate better perceived added value in the eyes of their clients, and secure that much desired…