Most professionals have to hold difficult conversations with colleagues at some point in their career.

The ability to have effective, future-focused and mutually respectful conversations can in fact be a deciding factor in the longer-term success of a firm – and an individual.

This is particularly so given that such success in today’s firms depends on effective collaboration between increasingly interdependent functions and roles.

To turn difficult colleague conversations into a beneficial experience for…

WBD 40 Leading pitchesWith the continued pressure on leaders in professional firms to win work, it’s important to have the right approach to leading pitches.

Great pitch leaders inspire, inject energy and build the right team to give their firm every chance of success.

Our latest Winning Business Digest is co-authored by Francesca Ayers and John Timperley. They share 8 tips to help you lead pitches more effectively.

The tips aren’t…

WBD 37 High performing team coverAs we head towards the last quarter of the calendar year, professionals often use the month of September as a time to take stock and plan ahead.

For some in a leadership or managerial position, those plans often include aspirations and goals for the teams they lead.

In our latest Winning Business Digest, Results Associate Director – Dan Leatherdale – discusses 8 practical steps to improve…

WBD 36 cover Effective board


We’re delighted that our latest Winning Business Digest is guest authored by Ian White. Ian’s background is as a Lawyer, Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary for both listed & major private companies.


This has led him to developing an expertise in corporate governance and working with Boards to improve their effectiveness and performance. Ian has been involved in numerous Board evaluations, both internally and externally, including one…

WBD35 front cover

In most areas of people’s lives there is a tendency to focus on the areas we are not so good at in order to improve our performance.

At best, however, we can only ever be average at those areas and it is only through our strengths that we can achieve high performance.

Research conducted by Gallup shows that the use of strengths is connected to greater work satisfaction, engagement and…

Leadership Essentials Cover

To compete effectively in a crowded advisory market, professional services firms are looking to create a high performance culture. This relies on highly motivated and engaged individuals and teams delivering outstanding results to help their firm stand out from the competition.

Good leadership and management capabilities have never been so important to retain and inspire high performing individuals. Good leadership requires skill, yet the development of these vital skills is…

WBD30 cover imageOur latest Winning Business Digest tackles the challenge of motivating and delegating to team members effectively.

Few professionals dispute the benefits of effective delegation. Done well it frees up their time to focus on higher value tasks and enables them to be more proactive and less stressed. For their firms it also means there is a more efficient use of people’s expertise and talent.

Delegation can…