Resilience has always been a key to success in life, but the Covid-19 crisis has put a premium on professionals’ ability to confront and overcome an unexpected challenge.

Results Consultancy Associate Diretor, Steven Pearce, in his timely new book Optimise – how to survive and thrive in professional life, explores the mindset and approach of people who have overcome extraordinary odds to achieve spectacular success.

We are delighted Steven will be sharing ideas, examples and tips from his research for the book in a complimentary webinar on 26 June 2020.





In a 45mins webinar, Steven will share insights from his interviews for the book with individuals who faced but achieved remarkable things in the face of adversity and significant challenges.

The insights contain actionable advice for all of us, and in the session Steven will also identify some critical “mindset hacks” to bolster the resilience of anyone in professional life, including:

– The Basic Mindset Shift which Turns Adversity into Opportunity
– The Disarmingly Simple Secret to Managing Multiple Demands on Your Time
– 3 Surprising Ways to Get More Rest and Recovery


To register

The webinar will take place on 26 June at 12.00pm (BST).  To register, click on the link below.


Optimise – how to survive and thrive in professional life


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